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English is one of the most rhythmical languages of the world. The Dictionary of Alliterative and Rhythmic Phrases contains thousands of rhythmical phrases intermingled with alliterations. Besides such alliteratively rhythmical phrases, there exist in English a large number of adverbially adjective noun phrases (a phrase coined to befit the pattern). Many of such triple - word phrases are presented here for your reference. Such phrases are highly useful for the semantic study of phrase - structures in English.

  1. Sadistically cruel man

  2. Seemingly contradictory facets (of one's personality)

  3. Seemingly little things

  4. Seemingly worthless people

  5. Semantically peculiar etymology

  6. Semantically (very) interesting words

  7. Singularly fortunate youth

  8. Slightly different meaning

  9. Smartly dressed woman

  10. Socially acceptable qualities

  11. Socially adaptive behaviour

  12. Socially distinct societies

  13. Socially distinguished ladies

  14. Socially useful productive work

  15. Sparsely populated areas

  16. Specially designed building

  17. Specially shaped pipe

  18. Specially written example

  19. Spiritually elevating influence

  20. Spiritually highest realities

  21. Splendidly successful book

  22. Strictly limited interest

  23. Strictly scientific words

  24. Strikingly beautiful places

  25. Strongly developed taste

  26. Strongly marked face

  27. Strongly rooted envy

  28. Strongly worded resolution

  29. Suddenly recollected emotion

  30. Superbly sculptured features

  31. Surprisingly subtle discrimination

  32. Syllogistically expressed agreement

  33. Symbolically significant work

  34. Systematically organised survey

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