Adverbials of Time

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Adverbials of Time :

Write the adverbials in the following sentences.

The Adverbials are given in the brackets.

  1. He got up early. (Early)

  2. I was late to school yesterday. (Yesterday)

  3. My mother will arrive soon. (soon)

  4. I was waiting in the bus stop until 5 p.m. (until)

  5. We are playing now. (now)

  6. He comes here daily. (daily)

  7. The end soon came. (soon)

  8. I have met him before. (before)

  9. Mr. Karim formerly lived here. (Formerly)

  10. Hassan left home at dawn. (at dawn)

  11. Sekar met his friend two days ago. (two days ago)

  12. The doctor arrives this morning. (This morning)

  13. Wake me up at five o’clock. (at five o’clock)

  14. I had a letter from him lately. (lately)

  15. I have spoken to him already. (already)

  16. I hurt my knee yesterday. (yesterday)

  17. I have heard this before. (before)

  18. We shall now begin to work. (now)

  19. He called here a few minutes ago. (Ago)

  20. He visited my site last month. (Last month)

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