Adverbs of Negation
Adverbs of Affirmation

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Adverbs of Negation & Adverbs of Affirmation :

These adverbs are used to answer the questions raised by others.

Adverbs such as
YES and YEAH are called Adverbs of Affirmation.

Adverbs such as
NO and NEVER are called Adverbs of Negation.

Examples :

  1. Do like Sweets?

    • Yes. I like sweets.

    • No. I do not like sweets.

  2. Would you come with me?

    • Yes. I would come with you.

    • No. I would not come with you.

  3. May I call you now?

    • Yes. You may call me now.

    • No. You should not call me now.

  4. Are you ok?

    • Yes. I am ok.

    • No. I am not ok.

  5. Have you taken your exams?

    • Yes. I have taken my exams.

    • No. I have not taken my exams.

Grammar Index : 2

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