Advice of The Goat

Advice of The Goat :

Once, a villager owned a donkey and a goat. He used the donkey to carry loads of articles from the village to the city where he would roam around the whole day selling his articles. Sometime he could lend his donkey to others on hire when they needed it. As the donkey worked hard the whole day, the villager used to feed the donkey more food than he gave to the goat.

The goat felt jealous of the donkey. He advised the donkey, "You work all day long and hardly get any rest. You must act that you are ill and fall down unconscious. This way, you'1l get rest for a few days." The donkey agreed to this and acted as if he was ill. The villager called the doctor. The doctor said, ''Your donkey has a strange illness. To cure him, you must feed him the soup made of a goat's lungs."

The villager at once killed the goat and cooked soup out of his lungs. Then he fed the soup to the donkey.

The goat had tried to harm the donkey out of jealousy but he had been killed for his evil nature.

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