Affable : Synonyms and Antonyms


( Adjective )

Her affable nature gained her more friends in this alien environment.


1. Amiable

2. Amicable

3. Benevolent

4. Benign

5. Congenial

6. Cordially

7. Courteous

8. Genial

9. Gracious

10. Mild

11. Pleasant

12. Sociable

Contextual Examples:

Her parents seemed very amiable.

An amicable settlement was reached between him and his brother over the properties of their father.

I find this aspect of my job particularly congenial.

He was courteous but did not encourage conversation.

He was most courteous to everyone, smiling and thanking them all.

She gave a mild answer in spite of his annoyance.


1. Brusque

2. Cold

3. Discourteous

4. Distant

5. Haughty

6. Ride

7. Surly

8. Unfriendly

9. Ungracious

10. Unpleasant

Contextual Examples:

His reply was typically brusque.

Here expression was one of haughty contempt.

It is rude to interrupt when somebody is speaking.

He was distinctly unfriendly towards me.

It was ungracious of me not to acknowledge your help.

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