Age, All, Ambition : Proverbs

Key-Words Based Proverbs

Age :

  • Age considers youth ventures.

  • An old man is twice his child.

  • A man at five may be a fool at fifteen.

  • A man as he manages himself may die old at thirty or young at eighty.

  • Age is a sorry travelling companion.

  • An old dog will learn no tricks.

  • An old fox needs no craft.

  • An old poacher makes the best keeper.

  • An old man's sayings are seldom untrue.

  • He lives long that lives well.

  • He that corrects not youth controls not age.

  • In the short life of man, no lost time can be afforded.

  • Old age is a troublesome guest.

    All :

  • All's well that ends well.

  • All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

  • All that glitters is not gold.

  • All truths are not to be told.

  • All is fair in love and war.

  • When all men speak, no man hears.

    Ambition :

  • Desire has no rest.

  • Hasty climbers have sudden falls.

  • There's always room at the top.

  • Ambition makes people diligent.

  • The higher the mountain the greater the descent.

  • Ambition loses many a man.

  • Seek and ye shall find.

  • Ambition should be made of sterner stuff.

  • He that stays in the valley shall never get over the hill.

  • In a great river, great fishes are found; but take heed lest you be drowned.

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