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Air : noun : method of travelling or sending goods using aircraft

• To send a letter or a shipment by air

Air Carrier = company which send cargo or passengers by air

Air Forwarding = arranging for goods to be shipped by air

Air Letter = special sheet of thin blue paper which when folded can be sent by air mail without an envelope

Air : verb : to air a grievance = to talk about or to discuss a grievance

• The management committee is useful because it allows the workers' representatives to air their grievances.

Air Cargo : noun : goods sent by air

Aircraft : noun : machine which flies in the air carrying passengers or cargo

• The airline has a fleet of ten commercial aircraft.

• The company is one of the most important American aircraft manufacturers.

• To charter an aircraft = to hire an aircraft for a special purpose

NOTE : no plural (one aircraft, two aircraft)

Air Freight : noun : method of shipping goods in an aircraft

• To send a shipment by air freight

• Air freight charges or rates

Air Freight : verb : to send goods by air

• To airfreight a consignment to Mexico

• We air freighted the shipment because our agent ran out of stock.

Airline : noun : company which carries passengers or cargo by air

Airmail : noun : way of sending letters or parcels by air

• To send a package by airmail

• Airmail charges have risen by 15%

• Airmail envelope = very light envelope for sending

• Airmail letters

• Airmail sticker = blue sticker with the words by air mail which can be stuck to an envelope or packet to show it is being sent by air

NOTE : no plural

Airmail : verb : to end letters or parcels by air

• To airmail a document to New York

Airport : noun : place where planes land and take off

• We leave from London Airport at 10.00.

• O'Hare Airport is the main airport for Chicago.

Airport Bus = bus which takes passenger to and from an airport

Airport Tax = tax added to the price of the air ticket to cover the cost of running an airport

Airport Terminal = main building at an airport where passengers arrive and depart

Air Terminal : noun : building in a town where passengers meet to be taken by bus to an airport outside the town

Airtight : adjective : any object which does not allow air to get in

• The goods are packed in airtight containers.

Airworthiness : noun : being able and safe to fly

Certificate of Airworthiness = certificate to show that an aircraft is safe to fly

NOTE : no plural

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