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There are many families in our neighbourhood.

Some families are small and some are large.

This is Vijayan.

Seetha is Vijayan’s sister.

Here are Vijayan’s father and mother.

Ragavan and Veera are Vijayan’s Uncles.

Father, mother, Seetha, Ragavan, Veera and Vijayan live in one house.

They make a family. They live in a joint family.

They help each other whenever one faces problem.

All are maintaining their identities.

At the same time, they are inter-dependent.

It is a happy family.

A small family is happier than a large family.

Veera helps his father at the shop.

He brings milk from the diary.

Radha helps her mother in the kitchen.

We should put bits of paper in the dust-bins only.

Radha waters the plants.

You must also look at the traffic signals.

Veera posts a letter for his father.

This way all are helping each other in various ways.

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