All Is Fish That Comes To The Net.

All Is Fish That Comes To The Net. :

There is absolutely nothing in life that can be counted out as completely useless,. A wise man makes use of all opportunities that come to him. To him, there is nothing that cannot be utilized in these endeavors for success. A fisherman makes money out of all fish that get entangled in his net. So is a miller who makes use of all grain that come to him. For them, there is nothing meager or trifling. So should a man be who want to achieve his goals in life. Every opportunity that life offers is invaluable. Real opportunities can be highly deceiving. On the face, they might look dull and without scope. But a truly ambitious person can turn them into golden ones in the long run. Life on the whole is never worthless or useless. The only thing that prevents it from yielding value is our own irresponsibility and laziness. In a way all of us are millers and fishermen in life. To us, no fish is useless and no grain valueless.

All Is Fish That Comes To The Net.

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