All Is Well That Ends Well.

All Is Well That Ends Well. :

Often people embark on enterprise which demands great patience and attention. They begin with great enthusiasm and expectation. But mistakes may come in the process of making them a success. And these mistakes in turn substantially dampen the optimism of the enterprising people. This factor can be highly harmful and damaging to the well started enterprises. It should be kept in mind that mistakes and faults are natural. Without mistakes, correction and recognition of the weak spots progress is impossible. Recognition of the weak spots is absolutely necessary for the perfection of the enterprises. What matters is that none of the mistakes are repeated. A wise entrepreneur learns from his mistakes and strives to achieve perfection. The final outcome of the project is what counts. If the project turns out to be a success, the past mistakes can be forgotten. Every mistake is a pointer to perfection. The great English poet and dramatist Shakespeare adopted the able proverb for one of his famous comedies. Its significance is all the more prominent.

All Is Well That Ends Well.