All Lay Loads on A Willing Horse.

All Lay Loads on A Willing Horse. :

Horses are often used for carrying heavy loads. Some of them may be stubborn. They loathe heavy loads and consequently show a flaming temper. But some others are docile and co-operative. They bear whatever burden is put on them ungrudgingly. This co-operation and calmness are often taken as a sign of vulnerability and is exploited by the owners. They put heavy burdens on those docile horses while ignoring the stubborn ones. It is the same in the case of human beings. In all fields of work, the co-operative and uncomplaining man is often chosen to do the most hard work while the lazy people shirk off the responsibility. It is a strange phenomenon that uncomplaining and helpful mentality is so indecently exploited beyond limits. Unfortunately most of such people are found to be reluctant to refuse flatly the disproportionate work allotted to them. They keep silent and this silence is often exploited by his lazy fellow workers and employers.

All Lay Loads on A Willing Horse.