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All-Risks Policy : noun : insurance policy which covers risks of any kind with no exclusions

All-Time : adjective : all-time high or all-time low = highest or lowest point ever reached

• Sales have fallen from their all-time high of last year.

Alphabet : noun : the 26 letters used to make words in English

Alphabetical Order : noun : arrangement of records (such as files, index cards) in the order of the letters of the alphabet (A, B, C, D, etc.)

Alter : verb : to change

• To alter the terms of a contract

Alteration : noun : change which has been made

• He made some alterations to the terms of a contract.

• The agreement was signed without any alterations.

Alternative : noun : thing which can be done instead of another

• What is the alternative to firing half the staff?

• We have no alternative = there is nothing else we can do.

Alternative : adjective : other or which can take the place of something

• To find someone alternative employment = to find someone another job

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