Allegiance : Synonyms and Antonyms


( Noun )

Members of Parliament took the oath of
allegiance to the Queen.


1. Adherence

2. Constance

3. Devotion

4. Duty

5. Faithfulness

6. Fealty

7. Fidelity

8. Homage

9. Obedience

10. Obligation

11. Consistency

Contextual Examples:

The Gold leaf will adhere to any clean metal surface. We prefer Gold only for its

She has played with great
consistency all season.

devotion to the job left her with little free time.

fidelity is not valued as highly as it once was.

He describes his book as
homage to his father.

They attended the party more out of a sense of
obligation than anything else.


1. Disloyalty

2. Faithfulness

3. Falseness

4. Inconstancy

5. Infidelity

6. Perfidy

7. Treachery

8. Treason

Contextual Examples:

He has been accused of
disloyalty to the party.

She tolerated her husband’s frequent

In the second part of the drama he learns of Giovanni’s
perfidy swears revenge.

In this country
treachery and treason are considered criminal offences

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