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The Medieval English verses are full of alliterations and alliterative and rhythmic phrases. The tradition of composing alliterative verses was, however, discontinued in the modern English period. Among the modern poets A.C. Swinburne was the greatest composer of alliterative lines.

The English language abounds in alliterative and rhythmic phrases. Few of the alliterative and rhythmic phrases have been compiled here for your reference. The following alliterative and rhythmic phrases have been selected from a Dictionary.

  1. An able and eloquent discourse
  2. For apt alliteration's artful aid
  3. An artificial and affected style
  4. To be beautiful and fair
  5. To bewail and bemoan the perplexities of love
  6. Bitter and bloody battle
  7. Blameless and flawless piece of work
  8. Bleak and barren hills - Byron
  9. Blind and blatant arrogance - F L. Lucas
  10. Brief and perfect bit of work - Swinburne
  11. Bright and beautiful things
  12. Bright and promising future
  13. Brilliant and promising scholar
  14. As busy as bees in a basin
  15. To be calm and composed
  16. Careful and conscientious craftsman
  17. A cheerful wife is the joy of life.
  18. Clear and unclouded meaning
  19. Clever and captivating eloquence
  20. Commodious and comfortable house - H Pearson
  21. Complex and complicated problems
  22. Confusing and contradictory remarks
  23. Conscious and conscientious artist
  24. To be considerate and courteous to women
  25. A contented mind is a continual feast
  26. Cordial and frank hospitality
  27. Costly and gorgeous garments
  28. With courage and conviction
  29. Courteous and generous cordiality - Swinburne
  30. Crisp and clear expression
  31. Cruel and cold-blooded murder - Swinburne
  32. Customs and conventions
  33. Dear and delighted friends
  34. The decency and decorum
  35. Dedication and devotion
  36. Deep and dreamless sleep
  37. A deep, determined, desperate draught
  38. Deep-seated differences and divisions
  39. Deficiencies and defects
  40. Delicate and difficult task
  41. Delicious delicacies
  42. Destructive, damnable, deceitful woman - Thomas Otway
  43. Determined, dared and done - Christopher Smart
  44. Devastating and destroying influence
  45. The din and bustle of the city life
  46. Disastrous and disruptive influence
  47. Distinction without a difference – Henry Fielding
  48. In moments of doubt and despair
  49. The dull, drab, dreary life
  50. To be eager and enthusiastic
  51. To live in ease and comfort
  52. In the easy effortless manner
  53. An easy-going and extravagant person
  54. Effective and efficient administration
  55. Efficient and effective coaching
  56. With an effortless ease
  57. To be elevated to an exalted status
  58. A man of eminence and ability
  59. Endless source of enjoyment
  60. Essential and indispensable
  61. Everlasting and eternal truth
  62. To exert effective efforts
  63. An experienced and enlightened person
  64. Fair and beautiful face
  65. The fairest things have fleetest end
  66. The faults and foibles of our society
  67. Without fear or favour
  68. A fearful and pitiful sight to behold
  69. Feminine feebleness and frailty
  70. The field is fresh and fair
  71. Fine and faultless pictures
  72. First and foremost
  73. A flow of flawless music
  74. The foibles and faults of one's life
  75. To forgive and forget
  76. Fresh and fragrant flowers
  77. To be fried with fiery fume
  78. Full of sound and fury
  79. The fuming and fretting
  80. Genial old gentleman
  81. My guide, philosopher and friend
  82. A happy and contented man
  83. Health, wealth and happiness
  84. Healthy and helpful attitude
  85. The hustle and bustle of the meeting
  86. An ignorant and idiotic person
  87. The illumined and illuminating word
  88. Incomparable incompetence – Swinburne
  89. An indefinable and indescribable something
  90. An inexhaustible interest
  91. Inextricably intertwined disciplines - Yakov Malkjel
  92. Informative and illuminating book
  93. Inspired and illuminative language
  94. To add insult to injury
  95. Intellectual enlightenment and enrichment
  96. An intense intellectual interest
  97. Interest aim and activity
  98. An interesting and exciting place - Pope
  99. Intricately interwoven relations with each other - Toynbee
  100. Invaluable and indispensable aids
  101. Invaluable source of information
  102. Irreconcilable incongruity - Swinburne
  103. Joy and jubilation
  104. A just and lasting peace
  105. To be kind and considerate to someone
  106. The kindly and hospitable clergyman - Havelock Ellis
  107. The kind and hospitable home
  108. Kith and kindred
  109. Labour of life-long love - Swinburne
  110. Laborious and learned investigations
  111. Lavish and luxurious hospitality
  112. Let us live and love
  113. (It) lies like a log - Tennyson
  114. What is life without love?
  115. Live a luxurious life
  116. A lively and lovable person
  117. One longing lingering look - Thomas Gray
  118. Look before you leap
  119. Loud and rude laughter
  120. Loyal and loving wife
  121. The maddest merriest day - Tennyson
  122. Magnanimous meekness - Wordsworth
  123. Majestic and magnificent verse - Swinburne
  124. Man of genius makes no mistakes
  125. Man of means and mirth
  126. Many a little makes a mickle
  127. A mean and miserly person
  128. To be meek and mild
  129. Melodious murmurs of innumerable bees - Kilvert
  130. In the merry month of May - Barnefield
  131. Methodical, meticulous research
  132. A minute and microscopic view
  133. To live miserably and meanly
  134. Certain misgivings and misunderstandings
  135. Much of a muchness
  136. Natural and necessary growth
  137. Neither rhyme or nor reason
  138. The next necessary step
  139. Noiseless music of the night
  140. To nourish and nurture
  141. Obscure and unsatisfactory meaning
  142. Painful and persevering efforts
  143. Patience and perseverance
  144. Let us live in peace and friendship
  145. To lead a life of peace and pleasure
  146. Peace, plenty, pleasure
  147. Peaceful and prosperous years
  148. Penitential and painful life
  149. A period of peace and prosperity
  150. Persistence and perseverance
  151. Personal prejudice or preference
  152. To pervade and permeate everywhere
  153. Plain and simple faith
  154. With pleasure and profit
  155. Whom pleasure cannot please
  156. Practice makes perfect
  157. Pretentious presumption
  158. A matter of pride and prestige
  159. Private and personal affairs
  160. Privilege and pleasure
  161. Profound and fruitful influence
  162. A prolific and versatile writer
  163. Proper and becoming behaviour
  164. Prosperous and peaceful life
  165. Be puffed up with pride and power
  166. Pure and perfect integrity
  167. A quaint and curious volume - Poe
  168. The rage and rapture of battle - Swinburne
  169. To receive a rapturous reception
  170. Ready and willing acceptance
  171. To reap a rich reward
  172. Regularly recurrent refrain
  173. A remarkable and retentive memory
  174. A repellent and repulsive person
  175. Resistless restless race - Walt Whitman
  176. A resounding and reverberating public scandal
  177. To be revered and respected
  178. A rich and rewarding experience
  179. A rocky, rugged road
  180. Rough and rugged way
  181. The rough and tumble of daily life
  182. Sacred and sanctified place
  183. To be safe and secure
  184. Safety and security
  185. Say something simple
  186. Seductive and insinuating music
  187. Sense of relief and satisfaction
  188. Sense of something strange
  189. Sense of stability and security
  190. To be serious and sincere
  191. Serious, sincere, systematic service surely secures supreme success - Ruskin
  192. Service and a selfish beast
  193. Sharp and sudden answer
  194. Shatteringly startling
  195. Sheltered and secure life
  196. Shocking and dreadful sight
  197. The shortest and surest way
  198. A simple and self-evident statement
  199. Simple and sincere tribute
  200. Sincerity and straightforwardness
  201. Slow and sure
  202. Softly speak and sweetly smile
  203. Something of that sort
  204. Sorrows and sufferings
  205. The sound must seem an echo to the sense - Pope
  206. To stand all the stress and strain
  207. The still small voice of the slumbering soul - M V Seetaraman
  208. Straightforward statement of fact
  209. Strength and stamina
  210. The striving and suffering scholar's life
  211. A strong and sound society
  212. Sturdy and sullen sunshine
  213. Symbol of strength and stability
  214. Systematic and satisfying explanation
  215. Tangled and tortuous ways of thought - Swinburne
  216. To have a taste and talent for
  217. Tedious and troublesome travels
  218. To take the time and trouble to do something
  219. Toil and trouble
  220. To be subject to travails, trials and tribulations
  221. A tried and trusty friend
  222. Never trouble the trouble till trouble troubles you
  223. Try before you trust
  224. The understanding and appreciation of the arts
  225. Undue and unjust interference
  226. Unfailing source of inspiration
  227. An unquestionable authority on
  228. Unreasonable or unjust derision
  229. Unwanted and unnecessary things
  230. Unwept, unhonoured and unsung
  231. Varied and variable features
  232. With vigour, vim and verve or vitality
  233. Vim, vigour and vitality
  234. Vivid and varied interests
  235. Vivid and vigorous style
  236. A voracious and omnivorous reader
  237. To wail and weep for someone
  238. Weak and weary person
  239. The weary, way worn wanderer
  240. Weeping and wailing women
  241. A wilful woman will have her way
  242. Wisdom is the wealth
  243. Worse than womanish weakness
  244. Young and fair
  245. With zest and zeal

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