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The Medieval English verses are full of alliterations and alliterative and rhythmic phrases. The tradition of composing alliterative verses was, however, discontinued in the modern English period. Among the modern poets A.C. Swinburne was the greatest composer of alliterative lines.

The English language abounds in alliterative and rhythmic phrases. Few of the alliterative and rhythmic phrases have been compiled here for your reference. The following alliterative and rhythmic phrases have been selected from a Dictionary.

  1. To be eager and enthusiastic

  2. To live in ease and comfort

  3. In the easy effortless manner

  4. An easy-going and extravagant person

  5. Effective and efficient administration

  6. Efficient and effective coaching

  7. With an effortless ease

  8. To be elevated to an exalted status

  9. A man of eminence and ability

  10. Endless source of enjoyment

  11. Essential and indispensable

  12. Everlasting and eternal truth

  13. To exert effective efforts

  14. An experienced and enlightened person

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