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The Medieval English verses are full of alliterations and alliterative and rhythmic phrases. The tradition of composing alliterative verses was, however, discontinued in the modern English period. Among the modern poets A.C. Swinburne was the greatest composer of alliterative lines.

The English language abounds in alliterative and rhythmic phrases. Few of the alliterative and rhythmic phrases have been compiled here for your reference. The following alliterative and rhythmic phrases have been selected from a Dictionary.

  1. The maddest merriest day - Tennyson

  2. Magnanimous meekness - Wordsworth

  3. Majestic and magnificent verse - Swinburne

  4. Man of genius makes no mistakes

  5. Man of means and mirth

  6. Many a little makes a mickle

  7. A mean and miserly person

  8. To be meek and mild

  9. Melodious murmurs of innumerable bees - Kilvert

  10. In the merry month of May - Barnefield

  11. Methodical, meticulous research

  12. A minute and microscopic view

  13. To live miserably and meanly

  14. Certain misgivings and misunderstandings

  15. Much of a muchness

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