Always : Synonyms and Antonyms


( Adverb )

He is always ready to extend his helping hands for the up lift of the poor people.


1. Aye

2. Consistently

3. Constantly

4. Eternally

5. Ever

6. Everlasting

7. Evermore

8. Forever

9. Invariably

10. Perpetually

Contextual Examples:

We drove through constantly changing scenery.

For the invaluable help that you rendered to me, I will be eternally grateful to you.

Paul ever the optimist, agreed to give it one last try.

The land will remain our national heritage evermore.

She invariably arrives late.


1. Hardly ever

2. Infrequently

3. Once in a blue moon

4. Once in a while

5. Only now and then

6. Rarely

7. Scarcely

8. Ever seldom

Contextual Examples:

He hardly ever goes to bed before midnight.

Such cases are relatively frequent.

I only see her once in a blue moon.

Once in a while we go to restaurant, but usually we eat at home.

She is rarely seen in public nowadays.

The Synonyms and Antonyms form an integral part of the English Language. Acquaintance with the vocabulary of the English language is a necessity for effective expression either in written or in an oral from. Synonyms are nothing but the similar meanings of a particular word or its semantic relation. A Synonym is a word or a phrase that means the same as another word or a phrase in the same language. Antonyms are the negative connotation of a particular word. An Antonym is a word or phrase that is opposite in meaning to a particular word or a phrase in the same language.

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