Aman Learns A Lesson

Aman Learns A Lesson :

Aman was a good and obedient boy. His parents loved him very much. But Aman had one bad habit. He ate a lot of sweets and chocolates. His mother always told him, "Arnan, don't eat so many sweets. You will get toothaches."

His mother used to keep all the sweets in a glass jar. It had a narrow mouth and a tight lid on it.

One day when his mother went to the market, Aman saw that his father was asleep. So he tiptoed to the kitchen and got the sweet jar. With great effort, he opened the tight lid and put his hand in the narrow mouth. Arnan picked a fist full of sweets. But when he tried to pull his hand out, it got stuck in the jar.

Aman father was awake and watching. He said to Aman, "You have picked up too many sweets in your fist. It's more than your little hand can keep. Your fist cannot come out of the jar. Let go of the sweets and pick only one sweet in your two fingers and you can pull your hand out easily. Always take as much as you can handle."

Aman pulled out his hand from the jar easily and thus learnt a lesson.

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