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American English Words for 16th June :

  1. King (n) : a male ruler

  2. Kingdom (n): the territory of the king

  3. King-fisher (n) : a bird

  4. Kink (n): a twist or knot in a string, rope, etc.,

  5. Kinsfolk (n) : folk or people related to one another, relations

  6. Kinsfolt (n) : folk or people related to one another, relations

  7. Kinship (n) : relationship

  8. Kinsman (n): a male relative; (fem) : kinswoman

  9. Kiosk (n) : a pavilion

  10. Kirtle (n) : a kind of gown

  11. Kiss (v) : touch with the lips as a mark of love or regard

  12. Kiss (n) : touching with the lips

  13. Kit (n) : equipment needed for a special activity

  14. Kitchen (n): a room used for cooking

  15. Kite (n) : a large bird of prey, a flying toy with a light frame covered with paper

  16. Kith (n) : friends, kindred

  17. Kitten (n) : a young cat

  18. Kittiwake (n): a kind of gall

  19. Kleptomania (n) : a mad impulse to steal

  20. Knack (n): skill in doing things dexterity

  21. Knag (n): a knot in a wood wart

  22. Knag (adj.) : knaggy

  23. Knapsack (n): a provision bag

  24. Knave (n) : a rogue, deceiver

  25. Knead (v) : to work and press, make into a paste

  26. Knee (n) : the joint between the thigh and lower leg

  27. Kneel (v) : to bend the knees

  28. Knell (n) : the stroke of a bell announcing death

  29. Knickers (n): short trousers

  30. Knife (n) : a cutting instrument with a long sharp blade and a handle

  31. Knight (n) : a noble trained to use arms, one who holds the title sir

  32. Knit (v): weave by interlacing loops of yarn of thread, join together

  33. Knitting (n): work produced by knitting

  34. Knitting needle (n) : a long needle used for knitting by hand

  35. Knob (n): round shaped handle, a small lump

  36. Knoll (n) : summit of a hill

  37. Knotty (adj.): difficult, abounding in knots

  38. Knout (n) : a whip used as an instrument of punishment

  39. Know (v) : understand, be aware of

  40. Know (n) : knowledge

  41. Knowledge (n) : learning, information

  42. Knuckle (n) : finger joint

  43. Knuckle (v) : strike with the fingers closed

  44. Koala bear (n) : Australian tree climbing animal like a bear

  45. Kopie (n) : a small hill in Africa

  46. Kudos (n) : fame, renown

American English Words for 16th June :

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