American Government Vocabulary for 25th August : Here is the complete list.

American Government Vocabulary

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American Government Vocabulary for 25th August :

  1. Premiere (n) : first public performance

  2. Premise (n) : basis for argument

  3. Premise(pl) : a building and its out houses

  4. Premium (n) : amount paid for an insurance policy, reward, bonus, a fee

  5. Preoccupy (v) : engage before hand, occupy beforehand

  6. Preparation (n) : state of being in readiness, substance prepared for some special use

  7. Prepare (v) : make ready, make the necessary previous arrangements

  8. Preparedness (n) : readiness

  9. Prepay (v) : to pay beforehand or in advance

  10. Preponderate (v) : overpower, out number, outweigh

  11. Preposition (n) : a word often placed before a noun or pronoun to indicate place, direction, etc.

  12. Prepossessing (adj.) : pleasant

  13. Preposterous (adj.) : very absurd, glaringly foolish

  14. Prerequisite (n) : something required as a previous condition

  15. Prerogative (n) : a privilege, liberty

  16. Presage (n) : a thing that shows the coming event

  17. Presage (v) : predict, foretell

  18. Prescience (n) : knowledge of something beforehand

  19. Prescribe (v) : advise or order the use of, give medical directions, suggest remedy

  20. Prescription (n) : written direction(esp. for medicine)

  21. Presence (n) : the state of being present, appearance

  22. Present (adj.) : being in a certain place

  23. Present (n) : present time or business, the time now passing, reward

  24. Presentable (adj.) : fit to be presented, decent, respectable

  25. Presentation (n) : an introduction

  26. Presentiment (n) : vague feeling that something is about to happen

  27. Presently (adv.) : very soon

  28. Preserve (v) : to keep safe, to defend, keep undisturbed for private use

  29. Preserve (n) : that which is preserved

  30. Preside (v) : superintend, control, guide

  31. President (n) : one who presides

  32. Press (v) : push, urge

  33. Press (n) : a pressing or printing machine, printing place, newspapers

  34. Pressing (adj.) : urgent, exacting, importunate

  35. Pressure (n) : force, difficulties, urgency, strong demand

  36. Prestige (n) : renown

  37. Presume (v) : take for granted, suppose

American Government Vocabulary for 25th August :

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