An Academic Paper with Graphs

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An Academic Paper with Graphs :

When statistical information plays an important part in something you're writing, strengthen your work by adding charts or graphs. They add a visual element and make the data easier to read. Almost all word processing programs enable you to create graphs or charts and you may also use PowerPoint, Clarislmpact or another presentation program. It's worth your time to learn to use these programs.

Some Suggestions :

• Keep charts and graphs simple. Don't pack them with too much information.

• Use pie charts to show relationships of part to whole, bar charts to show comparisons and line graphs to show changes over time.

• Add captions that identify all components clearly.

• Use color if you can. Color works well for computer presentations and slide presentations and the cost is minimal if you have access to a color printer.

• Put only one or two charts on a single page.

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