An Alphabet Omes

An Alphabet Omes :

A is for Alfred, who Angled at Ayr,

B is for Bernard, who Baited a Bear,

C is for Clara, who Came with her Chum

D is for Donald, who Danced on his Drum,

E is for Eve, who Encountered an Eel,

F is for Fanny, who Fashioned a Frill,

G is for George, who has Gone to the Glen,

H is for Harold, who Hustled the Hen,

I is for Irene, who Intends to use Ink,

J is for Joseph, who Jumped a high Jink,

K is for Kenneth, who Kept a large Kite

L is for Lawrence, who Laughed at the Light

M is for Malcolm, who Marched to the Mine

N is for Norman, of Newts he caught Nine,

O is for Oswald, who an Owl did Observe,

P is for Peggy, with a Pot of Preserve,

Q is for Quentin, who Questioned a Quail,

R is for Robert, who Rests on a Rail,

S is for Susan, whose Steed lost a Shoe

T is for Thomas, who Tried to Tattoo,

U is for Ursula, who Upset an Urn,

An Alphabet Omes