An Overview of The Revision Process

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Let us take an overview of the revision process. We see revising as a two-stage process. In the large – scale or global stage, you make substantial changes. You may …

• Shift or narrow the focus of your writing.

• Redirect your writing to better suit your audience.

• Modify the central purpose of your writing.

• Make substantial cuts.

• Expand on some points.

• Reorganize your writing to change the emphasis.

In the small – scale or local stage, you make changes that affect style, tone and unity but usually not content. You may …

• Add examples, anecdotes and more details.

• Cut excess words and phrases to eliminate clutter.

• Add graphics or illustrations as needed.

• Consider whether you can find stronger verbs.

• Improve transitions.

• Rearrange some words or phrases to improve style.

• Review and perhaps rewrite opening and closing paragraphs.

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