Animal Alphabet

Animal Alphabet :

A's For the Antelope always on view

Which Algernon saw,

When he went to the zoo.

B Was the bear that came up at a run

When Benjamin threw him

A very nice bun.

C's For the camel;

''Poor thing, what a lump!''

Was what Caroline said

When she looked at his hump.

D's For the deer with the soft

pretty eyes;

Doris found them so tame

She had quite a surprise.

E Was the elephant ;

sixpence a ride but

Eric soon found that

you can't sit astride!

F Was the fox very crafty and sly,

Watching Frank from his den

with a cunning old eye.

G's The giraffe which made

Geraldine smile;

She was sure with his neck,

She could see quite a mile.

H Was the hippo asleep in his pool,

Harry thought it an excellent

way to keep cool.

I Was the Ibex, a kind of wild goat.

Ida thought his horns nasty,

But liked his fine coat.

J Was the Jaguar like a big cat,

But Jane didn't think

She would like him to pat!

K Was the kangaroo off with a bound;

A fine way , thought Ken,

To get over the ground.

L's For the lions; they made

such a fierce noise

Laura wished she were safety

At home with the boys.

M's For the monkeys,

all patter and chatter,

But Miles couldn't tell

What on earth was the matter.

N's For the Nilgai which jumped

off a rock;

He took such a leap that

Nell had quite a shock.

O's For the ostrich,

A wise-looking bird,

But Olga remembered

the tales she had heard.

P's For the parrot

that had lots to say,

and tried to peck Paul,

As he passed by that way.

Q's For the Quagga

Which Quentin found tame;

He is quite like a Zebra,

with stripes and a mane.

R Is the Rhino,

A fierce-looking beast;

Rosie watched him with awe

In the midst of a feast.

S Is the snake which

Suzanne found asleep;

He was shiny and slimy

and made her flesh creep.

T's For the Tiger

that gave Tim a fright;

He was horribly scared

Lest they got out at night.

For U (That's the Unicorn)

Nobody looks;

As Una can tell you,

He's only in books.

V's For the Vulture,

A big bird of prey,

Veronica saw him

and soon ran away!

W's For the Wolf

Lying flat on the ground,

Though when Walter

came near he was

up with a bound.

X Just looks on

and has nothing to do,

There's no creature

That claims him

Through-out the whole Zoo.

Y Is the Yak;

He's worthy of note;

Yvonne was amazed

at his long shaggy coat.

Z's For the Zebra

That kept Zoe busy,

She counted his stripes

till she felt she was dizzy.

Animal Alphabet