Annihilate : Synonyms and Antonyms


( Verb )

The invaded forces were annihilated by Our Army.


1. Destroy

2. Cancel

3. Annul

4. Suppress

5. Extinguish

6. Supersede

7. Repeal

Contextual Examples:

The enemies kept bombing the city until all the buildings were destroyed.

The Minister cancelled his tour of North Eastern States to preside over the non-aligned meet in New Delhi.

The policies adopted by the new Mayor annulled the good results of the schemes initiated by his predecessor.

The fireman struggled the whole night to extinguish the fire.

Two of his junior officers superseded him because of a vigilance case pending against him.

An Act passed by the parliament can not be repealed by any State Legislature.


1. Establish

2. Confirm

3. Support

4. Encourage

5. Promote

6. Forward

7. Produce

8. Testify

Contextual Examples:

The non-aligned meet in New Delhi agreed to establish an independent news agency for covering reports on the activities of the movement around the world.

The Geneva Conference of the Super-Powers on disarmament confirmed the need to have a nuclear free outer space.

India and other non-aligned countries have supported the move to have a nuclear-free outer space.

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