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Choose the correct Antonyms for the underlined words.

  1. Friend, sit down and warm yourself.

    (a) companion

    (b) ally

    (c) foe

    ANSWER : foe

  2. Give me food quickly.

    (a) slowly

    (b) fast

    (c) speedily

    ANSWER : slowly

  3. The knife was very sharp.

    (a) imprison

    (b) war

    (c) blunt

    ANSWER : blunt

  4. He was restless.

    (a) quiet

    (b) imprisoned

    (c) slowly

    ANSWER : quite

  5. The prisoner was released from the prison.

    (a) quiet

    (b) imprisoned

    (c) war

    ANSWER : improisoned

  6. She has no peace of mind.

    (a) quiet

    (b) war

    (c) foe

    ANSWER : war

  7. Don’t be silly.

    (a) worst

    (b) dunce

    (c) clever

    ANSWER : clever

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