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Appeal and Appear

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Appeal : noun :

(a) being attractive

Customer Appeal = being attractive to customers

Sales Appeal = quality which makes customers want to buy

(b) asking a court or a government department to change its decision

• The appeal against the planning decision will be heard next month.

• He lost his appeal for damages against the company.

• She won her case on appeal = her case was lost in the first court.

• But the appeal court said that she was right.

NOTE : no plural for (a)

Appeal : verb :

(a) to attract

• This record appeals to the under-25 market.

• The idea of working in Australia for six months appealed to her.

(b) to ask a government department or a law court to alter its decision

• The company appealed against the decision of the planning officers.

NOTE : You appeal to a court or a person against a decision

Appear : verb : to seem

• The company appeared to be doing well.

• The managing director appears to be in control.

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