Since Many Analogy Questions feature technical terms from Architecture, which even students with strong general vocabulary may not be aware of, this chapter gives such a list of words from Architecture for the benefit of all the students.

Arcade: a series of arches resting on columns

Atrium: a sky lighted center area in a building

Attic: space between ceiling and rafters

Banister: handrail along the staircase

Basilica: church

Belfry: bell tower

Belvedere: open, roofed gallery commanding a view

Buttress: masonry work supporting an arch

Capital: upper portion of a column

Canopy: decorative roof covering an altar or tomb

Capstone: key stone of an arch

Colonnade: a series of columns

Cornice: projecting top level of building

Cupola: a small, rounded structure above a roof

Dormer: an upright window on a sloping roof

Frieze: a decorative horizontal band on the upper part of a wall

Gazebo: belvedere

Gargoyle: waterspout projecting from the gutter in the form of an elaborate carving

Keystone: center stone of an arch

Kiln: oven for firing pottery

Lintel: horizontal beam over a door or a window

Mansard: a roof with an almost horizontal slope

Mosaic: a decorative design made with small colored pieces of stone or tile on a surface

Niche: a recessed area in a wall

Pedestal: support at the bottom of a column

Pylon: monumental temple gateway: a steel tower supporting high tension electric wires

Shingles: a thin oblong piece of material, such as wood or slate that is laid to cover the roof

Spire: a tall, tapering tower

Steeple: a tall, narrow, conical tower

Tabernacle: a highly decorated niche

Tomb: a structure housing a grave

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