Vocabulary : Arts

Since Many Analogy Questions feature technical terms from Arts, which even students with strong general vocabulary, may not be aware of, this chapter gives such a list of words for the benefit of all the students.

Appliqué: cut-out decorative design sewn on a cloth

Batik: hand-dyed patterns on fabric

Calligraphy: highly decorative hand-writing

Cartoon: humorous sketch or drawing

Collage: artwork using various materials

Ceramics: manufacturing of work of arts by firing of earth ware, porcelain or brick

Chase (v): to decorate metal by engraving

China: delicate porcelain ware such as cups and plates

Crocheting: knitting with a hooked needle

Crockery: earth ware plates, cups etc.

Damascening: craft of making gold inlays

Daguerreotype: early form of silver plate photography which is now obsolete

Decoupage: decorating surfaces with paper cut outs

Embossing: decorating surfaces with raised ornamentation

Engraving: cutting of designs into hard surface

Etching: making designs on a metal plate or glass by the corrosive action of acid

Filigree: ornamental work of delicate, intricate design with thin metal wire

Firing: baking ceramic objects in hot oven

Gild (v): to cover a surface with a thin layer of gold

Holography: three-dimensional photography using split laser beam

Ikebana: Japanese art of arranging flowers in artistic designs

Intaglio: Engraved design on a plate surface

Lapidary: gem cutting

Lace: a delicate fabric made of yarn: gold or silver ornamental braid

Logo: a name, symbol or a trademark

Montage: a single pictorial composition made by juxtaposing many pictures or designs

Origami: Japanese decorative art of creating shapes by folding paper

Papier-Mâché: decorative object made from pulped paper

Parquet: art work on floor made with an inlay of wood of different colors

Pottery: clay objects hardened by heat

Rebus: a representation of words in the form of pictures

Refractory: having high heat resistance

Sampler: cloth with decorative embroidery

Serigraphy: screen printing on silks

Silhouette: an out line that appears dark against a light back ground

Still-life: photo graph of inanimate objects

Stone ware: high fired clay pottery

Tapestry: heavy decorative cloth hung on a wall

Terra cotta: hard, brown-red unglazed earthen ware

Veneer: a thin layer of finely grained wood over another surface

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