Assertive Sentence (or) Statement Sentence

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Assertive Sentence (or) Statement Sentence :

A simple statement can be called an Assertive Sentence (or) Statement Sentence.

Examples :

  1. Parrot is a beautiful bird.

  2. Mohan planned a tour.

  3. The Ganges is a holy river.

  4. Ganguli is a fine batsman.

  5. My father started a business.

  6. Sekar won the game.

  7. Madurai is a temple city.

  8. The teacher punished the student.

  9. Gandhiji is the father of our nation.

  10. India became free in 1947.

  11. We are not your friends.

  12. He is my father.

  13. The distance between India and Japan is 8000 kms.

  14. They have come to buy a car.

  15. You are not in this team.

  16. She is the captain of this team.

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