Attention : Synonyms and Antonyms


( Noun )

A teacher must know how to secure the attention of his pupils.


1. Care

2. Study

3. Heed

4. Regard

5. Notice

Contextual Examples:

God will take care of us if we take care of humanity.

The proper study of all the aspects of a problem will help us to find a solution for the problem.

Heeding others before taking the final solution is must to keep the organization united.

Let us pay due regard to the views of others before passing any judgment.

Take notice of what is around you before you move further.


1. Absence

2. Distraction

3. Remission

Contextual Examples:

Your absence was greatly felt in the party.

The presence of ladies in the party caused unwanted distraction.

The poor student applied to The Principal for remission of tuition fees.

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