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Attributable, Auction, Auctioneer,
Audio-Typing and Audio-Typist

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Attributable : adjective : attributable profits = profits which can be shown to come from a particular area

Auction : noun : selling of goods where people offer bids and the item is sold to the person who makes the highest offer

• Sale by auction

• Auction rooms

• To sell goods by auction

• To sell goods at auction (US)

• To put something up for auction = to offer an item for sale at an auction

Dutch Auction = auction where the auctioneer offers an item for sale at a high price and gradually reduces the price until someone makes a bid

Auction : verb : to sell at an auction

• The factory was closed and the machinery was auctioned off.

Auctioneer : noun : person who conducts an auction

Audio-Typing : noun : typing to dictation from a recording

NOTE : no plural

Audio-Typist : noun : typist who types to dictation from a recording on a dictating machine

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