Augment : Synonyms and Antonyms


( Verb )

He augmented his income by writing short stories.


1. Add to

2. Amplify

3. Boost

4. Build up

5. Dilate

6. Enhance

7. Enlarge

8. Expand

9. Extend

10. Grow

11. Intensify

12. Magnify

13. Multiply

Contextual Examples:

Many new words have been added to this edition of the Dictionary.

He asked you to amplify your earlier statement.

The unexpected win helped to boost the team’s morale.

The pupils of your eyes get dilated when you enter a dark room.

The photograph is considerably enlarged.

The terrorists have intensified their bombing campaigns.


1. Contract

2. Curtail

3. Cut down

4. Decrease

5. Diminish

6. Lessen

7. Lower

8. Reduce

9. Shrink

Contextual Examples:

Metals contract as they get cooler.

We must try to curtail our expenditure.

The Doctor told him to cut down his drinking.

Interest in this sport is steadily decreasing.

His strength has diminished over the years.

The Synonyms and Antonyms form an integral part of the English Language. Acquaintance with the vocabulary of the English language is a necessity for effective expression either in written or in an oral from. Synonyms are nothing but the similar meanings of a particular word or its semantic relation. A Synonym is a word or a phrase that means the same as another word or a phrase in the same language. Antonyms are the negative connotation of a particular word. An Antonym is a word or phrase that is opposite in meaning to a particular word or a phrase in the same language.

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