Auspicious : Synonyms and Antonyms


( Adjective )

He is waiting for the
auspicious time to launch his project.


1. Successful

2. Hopeful

3. Happy

4. Fortunate

5. Lucky

6. Reasonable

Contextual Examples:

India has been
successful in sending its own satellite to space.

Pankaj has fared well in the examinations. He is
hopeful of getting first division.

She is
fortunate that she could avoid the accident by turning her car suddenly.

A man who is indifferent towards sorrow and joy is always

None of the demands made by the agitators was


1. Despairing

2. Hopeless

3. Unhappy

4. Unfortunate

5. Unlucky

6. Luckless

7. Ill-fated

Contextual Examples:

With the possibilities of star wars occurring in the outer space, the world is going through a
despairing period.

The situation seems quite
hopeless unless negotiations between the super powers at Geneva take a more concrete and constructive turn.

The people of the world are so
unhappy over the dim prospects.

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