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Authorization and Authorized

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Authenticate : verb : to say that something is true

Authority : noun : power to do something (a)

• He has no authority to act on our behalf.

Local Authority = elected section of government which runs a small area of a country

The Authorities = the government or the people in control

NOTE : no plural for (a)

Authorize : verb :

(a) to give permission for something to be done

• To authorize payment of £10,000

(b) to give someone the authority to do something

• To authorize someone to act on the company's behalf

Authorization : noun : permission or power to do something

• Do you have authorization for this expenditure?

• He has no authorization to act on our behalf.

NOTE : no plural

Authorized : adjective : permitted

Authorized Capital = amount of capital which a company is allowed to have as stated in the articles of association

Authorized Dealer = person or company (such as a bank) which is allowed to buy and sell foreign currency

QUOTE : In 1934 Congress authorized President Franklin O. Roosevelt to seek lower tariffs with any country willing to reciprocate. (Duns Business Month)

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