Avoid Clichés

Avoid Cliches

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OH God, please save us from.....

Over a number of years, many speakers have used phrases which have no meaning and are inappropriate. These kinds of expressions do not reflect the right emotion or downright plain silly. They are called clichés.

The following is a small list.

I am sure you can add to it.

Do avoid them. They do not add value to your speech. They subtract from its effectiveness.

  • In spite of his busy schedule ….

  • Sparing a few precious moments of his time….

  • When the organizers came to invite me I was ....

  • Unless and Until…

  • None other than…

  • Last but not the least…

  • Friend philosopher and guide….

  • I am sorry to take up so much of your time.

  • With these words I conclude my speech….

  • For making this function a grand success….

  • Thought provoking speech….

  • I assure the speaker...

  • A token of our love….

    Some common mistakes we commit.

    Dais : It is Dayis and not Dayas.

    A person or an organiser who sponsors is called a SPONSOR. There is no word in the English language called SPONSORER.

    It is MEMENTO and not MOMENTO

    It is always Ladies and Gentlemen and not Gentlemen and Ladies. Ladies are mentioned only if there are women in the audience!

    Chairman (when it is a man) Chairperson (When it is a woman) but not chairwoman.

    If you are shortening the name of a person - Mr Rakesh Tandon is either Rakesh (if you know him very well) or Mr Tandon. Never is it Mr Rakesh.

    It is either Jc. Murthy or it is Mr Murthy : never Jc. Mr Murthy. It is always RISE for the Jaycee Creed. Not RAISE.

    The two words have totally different meanings here.

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