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Avoid, Avoidance, Avoirdupois and Await

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Avoid : verb : to try not to do something

• The company is trying to avoid bankruptcy.

• My aim is to avoid paying too much tax.

• We want to avoid direct competition with Smith Ltd.

NOTE : You avoid something or avoid doing something.

Avoidance : noun : trying not to do something

• Avoidance of an agreement or of a contract

• Tax avoidance = trying (legally) to pay as little tax as possible

NOTE : no plural

Avoirdupois : noun : old system of weights used in Britain, shown in pounds, ounces, etc.

• One ounce avoirdupois

Await : verb : to wait for

• We are awaiting the decision of the phoning department.

• They are awaiting a decision of the court.

• The agent is awaiting our instructions.

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