Avoidance : Synonyms and Antonyms


( Noun )

Avoidance of bad companions is what will save him from disaster.


1. Elusion

2. Retract

3. Abstinence

4. Evasion

5. Truant

6. The brush-off

7. The go-by

8. Escape

9. Regression

Contextual Examples:

He was under an
elusion that I had complained against him to the boss.

Retract is the only option that The Pakistan army had then after it was heavily shelled.

abstinence from the meetings has helped the Secretary to take arbitrary decision.

The statement made by him was utilized by the authorities to substantiate the charges of
evasion leveled against him.

The game is experience by itself to enjoy playing
truant during school times.

She longed to
escape form her mother’s domination.

regression from public life resulted in his total defeat in the election.


1. Continuation

2. Firmness

3. Status-quo

4. Pursuit

5. Discipline

Contextual Examples:

This process involves
continuation of the old techniques.

firmness on the facts of officers can restore honesty in the administration.

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