Await & Wait For

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I came across these sentence in emails I received recently.
I am awaiting for my classmate.

This sentence is incorrect.

This sentence has inappropriate word.

It can be rewritten as
I am waiting for my classmate in order to make it grammatically acceptable.

Speakers often mention what or who they have been waiting for as in the examples below:

• Who are you waiting for?

• I am waiting for my girlfriend.

The word
await means wait for. It is not followed by the preposition for. It takes an inanimate object as in the example I am awaiting your email. The object of await is not a person. So it is incorrect to say : Peter is awaiting me.

The word
await is a formal term and is used in letters, emails and poetry.

• I am awaiting your reply.

• She is very happily awaiting death.

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