Awkward : Synonyms and Antonyms


( Adjective )

The handle of this teapot has an
awkward shape.


1. Unskilled

2. Uncouth

3. Rough

4. Ponderous

5. Heavy handed

6. Maladroit

7. Bungling

Contextual Examples:

unskillful handling of the situation led to violence by the mob.

His friend was drafted in
uncouth language, so his friend did not care to reply him.

I have a
rough idea of the location of his house but I do not know the exact address.

The drama presented by the society was
maladroit and boring.

He was sentenced to one year rigorous imprisonment for
bungling in the election.


1. Skillful

2. Dexterous

3. Clever

4. Adept

Contextual Examples:

Suresh brought success to the project by his
skillful handling.

The new manager introduced
dexterous techniques in the administration of the company to pull it out of morass.

Sarah is
adept at mending clocks.

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