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Backhander, Backing and Backlog

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Backdate : verb : to put an earlier date on a cheque or an invoice

• Backdate your invoice to April 1st.

• The pay increase is backdated to January 1st.

Backer : noun : person who backs someone

• He has an Australian backer.

• One of the company's backers has withdrawn.

• Backer of a bill = person who backs a bill

Background : noun :

(a) past work or experience

• His background is in the steel industry.

• The company is looking for someone with a background of success in the electronics industry.

• She has a publishing background.

• What is his background?

• Do you know anything about his background?

(b) past details

• He explained the background of the claim.

• I know the contractual situation as it stands now. But can you fill in the background details?

Backhander : noun : informal : bribe or money given to someone to get him to help you

Backing : noun : financial support

• He has the backing of an Australian bank.

• The company will succeed only if it has sufficient backing.

• Who is providing the backing for the project?

• Where does the backing for the project come from?

Currency Backing = gold or government securities which maintain the strength of a currency

NOTE : no plural

Backlog : noun : work (such as orders or letters) which has piled up waiting to be done

• The warehouse is trying to cope with a backlog of orders.

• My secretary can't cope with the backlog of paperwork.

NOTE : no plural

Back Out : verb : to stop being part of a deal or an agreement

• The bank backed out of the contract.

• We had to cancel the project when our German partners backed out.

Back Up : verb : to support or to help

• He brought along a file of documents to back up his claim.

• The finance director said the managing director had refused to back him up in his argument with the VAT office.

Backup : adjective : supporting or helping

• We offer a free backup service to customers.

• After a series of sales tours by representatives, the sales director sends backup letters to all the contacts.

Backup Copy = copy of a computer disk to be kept in case the original disk is damaged

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