Backward : Synonyms and Antonyms


( Adjective )

This part of the country is still
backward in economical advancement.


1. Unwilling

2. Behind

3. Dull

4. Sluggish

5. Late

6. Tardy

7. Reluctant

Contextual Examples:

An introvert is
unwilling to work in the company of other people.

Bangladesh is much
behind USA so far as technological advancement is concerned.

When India was not free, Indians were considered
dull and sluggish by the Developed Countries.

Some people are habitual
late comers to office. They present a very tardy picture of government offices.

First of all he was
reluctant to accept the help offered by me, later on he accepted it.


1. Willing

2. Ahead

3. Anterior

4. Quick

5. Alert

6. Early

7. Advancing

8. Forward

9. Prompt

10. Eager

Contextual Examples:

A smart person is generally more
willing to cooperate with people.

Rajesh is far
ahead of Suresh in Science.

The student gave a
prompt reply to the question asked by the teacher.

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