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( Verb )

His strange behavior
baffled all of us.


1. Amaze

2. Astound

3. Bewilder

4. Confound

5. Confuse

6. Daze

7. Disconcert

8. Elude

9. Flummox

10. Mystify

11. Nonplus

12. Perplex

13. Stump

14. Stun

15. Balk

16. Defeat

17. Hinder

18. Thwart

19. Upset

20. Foil

Contextual Examples:

We were
amazed by the change in his appearance.

They were
astounded that any one could survive such a crush.

I am totally
bewildered by the crossword clues.

The sudden rise in the edible items has
confounded the city.

He was
dazed for a moment by the blow to his head.

I was
disconcerted to find the other guests formally dressed.


1. Clarify

2. Elucidate

3. Explain

4. Explicate

5. Interpret

6. Spell out

Contextual Examples:

I hope that what I say will
clarify the situation.

The notes help to
elucidate the difficult parts of the texts.

explain why you are late.

interpreted your silence as acceptance.

Could you
spell that word out for me again?

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