Bag and Beg and Vague

Bag and Beg and Vague :

Bag : (noun)

1 ) Container made of flexible materials with an opening at the top

He bought a bag yesterday.

2 ) Such a container with its contents – the amount it contains

He needs four bags of coal.

3 ) Thing resembling a bag

There are bags under his eyes.

4 ) All the birds, animals, etc. shot or caught

We got a good bag today.

5 ) Fussy, unattractive or bad-tempered usually older woman

She is an awful old bag.

Bag : (verb)

1 ) Put into a bag or bags

He bagged many mangoes.

2 ) Kill or catch something

Thye bagged nothing except a couple of birds.

3 ) Take something without permission but without intending to steal

Who has bagged my matches?

She bagged the most comfortable chair.

Try to bag an empty table.

Beg :

1 ) Ask for money, food, clothes, etc. as a gift or a charity – make aliving in this way

There are thousands begging in the streets.

He was so poor that he had to beg for money from the passers-by.

He made a living by begging from the rich.

2 ) Ask earnestly or humbly for something

I beg of you not to take any risks.

She begged me for forgiveness.

He begged mercy of the President.

Vague :

1 ) Not clearly expressed

She gave a vague answer to my question.

2 ) Not exact or specific – imprecise

It is only a vague estimate of the cost.

3 ) Undecided or uncertain about something

He is vague about his plans.

4 ) Suggesting unclear thinking or absent-mindedness

She made vague gestures.

5 ) Indistinct – not clear

It is a vague outline of the ship.

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