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Bail : noun : payment made to a court as guarantee that a prisoner will return after being released

• To stand bail of £3,000 for someone is a risky one.

• He was released on bail of $3,000.

• He was released on payment of $3,000 bail.

To jump bail : not to appear in court after having been released on bail

NOTE : no plural

Bail out : verb :

(a) To rescue a company this is in financial difficulties

(b) To bail someone out : to pay money to a court as a guarantee that someone will return to face charges

• She paid $3,000 to bail him out.

Bail-out : noun : rescue of a company in financial difficulties

QUOTE : The government has decided to bail out the bank which has suffered losses to the extent that its capital has been wiped out. (South China Morning Post)

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