Balance and Valance and Valence

Balance and Valance and Valence :

Balance :

1 ) Difference between two columns of an account – money received and money spent

I must check my bank balance.

2 ) Amount of money still owed after some payment has been made

The balance of two thousand rupees will be paid within three days.

3 ) Remainder of something after part has been already used taken

When will take the balance of your annual leave?

4 ) Sanity – steadiness of mind

His wife’s sad and sudden demise upset the balance of his mind.

5 ) Even distribution of weight – steadiness

Riders need a good sense of balance.

6 ) Condition that exists when two opposites are equal or in correct proportions

Try to achieve a balance between work and play.

This newspaper maintains a good balance in its presentation of different opinions.

7 ) Pleasing proportion of parts in a whole

This painting has a pleasing balance of shapes and colors.

All the parts of the building are in perfect balance.

8 ) Instrument used for weighing

He bought a balance yesterday.

Valance :

1 ) Short curtain or frill hung around the frame of a bed

The valance on your bed is very charming.

Valence :

1 ) Capacity of an atom to combine with or be replaced by another or others as compared with that of the hydrogen atom

Elements whose atoms lose electrons such as hydrogen and the metals have a positive valence.

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