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Bale, Ballot,
Ballot Paper, Ballot-Rigging

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Bale : noun : large pack of wool or paper or cotton, etc.

• A Bale of Cotton

• 2,520 bales of wool were destroyed in the fire.

Bale : verb : to tie wool or paper or cotton to make a bale

Ballot : noun :

(a) Election where people vote for someone by marking a cross on a paper with a list of names

Ballot Paper : paper on which the voter marks a cross to show who he wants to vote for

Ballot Box : sealed box into which ballot papers are put

Postal Ballot : election where the voters send their ballot papers by post

Secret Ballot : election where the voters vote in secret

(b) Selecting by taking papers at random out of a box

• The share issue was oversubscribed, so there was a ballot for the shares.

Ballot : verb : to take a vote by ballot

• The union is balloting for the post of president.

Ballot-Rigging : noun : illegal arranging of the votes in a ballot, so that a particular candidate or party wins

NOTE : no plural

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