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Bank Bill

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Bank Bill = bill of exchange endorsed by a bank

Demand Bill = bill of exchange which must be paid when payment is asked for

To accept a bill = to sign a bill of exchange to show that you promise to pay it

To discount a bill = to buy a bill of exchange at a lower price than that written on it in order to cash it later

Bills Payable = bills which a debtor will have to pay

Bills Receivable = bills which a creditor will receive in the end

Bill of Lading = list of goods being shipped, which the transporters gives to the person sending the goods to show that the goods have been loaded

Bill : in US : piece of paper money

• A $5 bill

Bill Of Sale = document which the seller gives to the buyer to show that the sale has taken place

Bill : Draft of a new law which will be discussed in Parliament

Bill : verb : to present a bill to someone so that it can be paid

• The builders billed him for the repairs to his neighbour's house.

Billing : noun : US - writing of invoices or bills

NOTE : no plural

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