Bankrupt : Synonyms and Antonyms


( Adjective )

The newspapers accused the government of being bankrupt in ideas.


1. Insolvent

2. Penniless

3. Ruined

4. Indigent

5. Destitute

Contextual Examples:

Deepak became penniless in a single transaction because his speculation proved entirely wrong in the share market.

His company was declared insolvent and his properties were auctioned.

His greed for money ruined him completely.

In spite of his indigent circumstances, he always ready to help others.

The hermit believes that man is a destitute soul destined to die one day.


1. Solvent

2. Credit-worthy

3. Well-off

4. Prosperous

5. Rich

Contextual Examples:

This firm is strong and solvent. We may buy its shares with benefit.

This firm has enough credit-worthiness. People are prepared to supply it raw-materials on credit.

Its Directors are well-off people, prosperous and rich.

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