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Bar : noun :

(a) Place where you can buy and drink alcohol

• The sales reps met in the bar of the hotel.

(b) small shop

Sandwich Bar : small shop where you can buy sandwiches to take away

Snack Bar : small restaurant where you can get simple meals

(c) Thing which stops you doing something

• Government legislation is a bar to foreign trade.

(d) GB the profession of barrister

• To be called to the bar : to become a barrister

Bar Chart : noun : chart where values or quantities are shown as thick columns of different heights

Bar Code : noun : system of lines printed on a product which when read by a computer give a reference number or price

Bareboat Charter : noun : system of chartering a ship where the owner provides only the ship, but not the crew, fuel or insurance

Barely : adverb : almost not

• There is barely enough money left to pay the staff.

• She barely had time to call her lawyer.

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